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Robert Weaver   
Mortgage Loan Consultant NMLS # 1431930
Robert Christian Weaver Jr   NMLS # 1476841
4725 Mercury St Ste 210
San Diego   CA   92111
(858) 454-6300

Bob Weaver  858-488-4433 
4725 Mercury St. #210, San Diego, CA 92111
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Zillow Mortgage Consultant  NMLS1431930 

As Bob Weaver, a Mortgage Loan Consultant, I offer you, through Mortgage Preflight, the opportunity to find out your mortgage FICO credit scores and a credit report. These scores are used are applicable to you in applying for a real estate mortgage.

To get your FICO scores directly, you can click in the Mortgage Preflight link here: 
When you get to the website, now click on the MORE button just below my name to read about the process. When you get your three credit scores, I will also be notified that I can send you a complete credit report. This is the same credit report I can use to get you the loan you need. I will forward a copy of that report directly to you. The cost for this service and the mortgage credit report is $44.90 payable by credit card to the credit reporting company.
This credit report includes scores from all three credit bureaus and is good for mortgage use for 90 days. It is considered a hard inquiry that may lower your future credit score by a few points for a while. 
If you want a free credit report from one credit bureau that cannot be used by lenders for mortgage purposes go to

There are several steps to obtaining a loan:

1. Mortgage pre-qualification (available even if you do not have a specific property) gives you a general idea of the home price range you can afford. In this process you supply information to me about your credit score, assets, income, and expenses one of two ways, either:

(a) using the secure website:

OR  (b) I can interview you over the telephone (not as complete as the online information).

2. Loan pre-approval comes from a specific lender (available even if you do not have a specific property). The lender needs more definite information about you. I go to different lenders to get you the best deal. I will need, at a minimum:

(a) an application completed at this secure website:

(b) a mortgage credit report on you (through Mortgage Preflight), and  
(c) (i) your last two years' tax returns and W-2s, (ii) thirty days of pay stubs, and (iii) sixty days of bank account statements.

3. Additional information may be needed, especially if you are self-employed. 

4. This information will be used by me to go to several lenders to get you the best possible loan for your fact situation.

Please contact me for any questions.

Bob Weaver

Robert Christian Weaver Jr is an equal Housing Lender.More information on our practices and privacy policy.

Thank you for choosing

Robert Christian Weaver Jr & Mortgage PreFlight.

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